Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tomorrow I'm going to Australia for a week.
This is pretty weird, considering that I should be going to school for this week.

I've been busy with boring homework & making a manual on web design, so I haven't even thought about the intrusive holiday.

We're going to see some friends so it should be fun.

Time to pack...

Saturday, September 16, 2006

An interesting thing happened.
I found out that the remote for my house's gate also opens the gate for a house down the street from me.

This is a pretty worrying thing, considering that our electric fence & new gate would be completely useless if someone just had the right remote control for our gate.
I know that remotes work on codes, and its possible for two to have the same code, but its really odd that it opens the gate for a house so close to me. These identical codes should be really rare, but I'll find that out soon.

I'm going to see how many gates my remote can open.
OK, so I got back from camp a week ago.
It's been a really busy week, starting school & stuff.

Camp was pretty cool, but nothing extraordinary happened.
I basically just chilled with friends & had very little sleep (1.5 hours on the last night).
I couldn't find a use for the smoke bombs etc, so I'll have to save them for next year.

The place we stayed at had a crazy dog that had an affinity for shoelaces.
It started when one of my friends (we will call him 'K') decided to feed the dog chappies (I advised against it, telling him that it will probably kill it. I wish.) A few minutes after K gave the dog its first taste of flavoured rubber, it went ape. The dog chomped onto K's shoelaces and refused to leave them. I, naturally, laughed hysterically at the dog & K's predicament.

The dog didn't seem to like that.

It abandoned K and made its way towards me. I got the idea, and bolted down the hill.
Unfortunately our canine friend was a bit of a runner, and I had a bit too much confidence in my ability to land from high jumps.
I "landed" (in some versions of the story I "fell") and rolled into a pole.
The dog promptly landed next to me and attached itself to my shoelaces, where it stayed for the next 15 minutes, much to the amusement of the growing crowd.

Eventually the dog let go of my shoelace for an instant in order to get a better grip on it. I took my chances and made another run for it, but this time I decided to use my intelligence over the dog :D
I ran towards a huge tree, and as we (the dog & I) passed the tree, I stuck my arm out and held onto the tree, doing a 180.
I then ran back up the hill, into the games room and jumped to safety, on the pool table.

Yes, I am ingenious.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Tomorrow I'm going on camp with my classmates.

Last year some interesting stuff happened (some of it to do with shaving cream, late nights & intermingling (think I just made a word) of people in dorms.

I've taken the liberty of adding fireworks, smoke bombs & stink bombs to the list of things to take, so I don't expect it to be too boring.

See you on friday! (yes, I am talking to my computer right now)