Friday, March 31, 2006

So, tomorrow is april fools day.
Its pretty annoying being a Saturday since I won't be able to prank people at school nicely.
I've decided I'll have to phone them early in the morning and tell them some crap. Not as fun as giving them laxatives and watching them cr@p themselves (an oldie but a goodie), but its the best I can do in these dark times.

I've already been pranked by someone (even tho its not yet April 1st).
If it was you that called me then well done, you win a prize! Just sms me your name and address and I'll send it right over ;)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I've just been released from one of the worst lectures I've had to endure in the 16 years that I've been causing shit.

It all started when the neighbours called the cops- no, wait. it was before then...

My parents decided to go away for their anniversary for the long weekend. I decided that since we were in the festive mood, I'd throw a house party. I thought my parents would have enough to plan with their own holiday, so I thought I wouldn't bother them with my brilliant plan.

Sunday came along, my parents weren't at home and my friends dropped by. (2:30pm)
We kicked off the party with some Metallica music (since the concert was the night before) (2:32pm)
We had fun drinking jesus juice (3:12pm)
More friends came by bike (3:21pm)
I tried speeding down an insane hill at the bottom of my garden on a friend's bike, then pressed the front brake (I thgouht it was the back brake) (3:35pm)
Ripped my shoulder, grazed skin off my left arm and landed on my left buttock (3:35pm)
Lots other people came, drank, hooked-up and chilled (until 11:12pm)
Nextdoor neighbours called the cops (PoPo/5-0/Pigs/) and they called my parents (I dunno what time, I was pretty smashed)
I cleaned up all the drinks and stuff (1am)

Oh shit...this was meant to be about that lecture my parents gave me. Well it was pretty bad, but I'm sure you've all had lectures and they're all about the same. ("You must be open with us..." / "Take responsibility for your actions..." / Other shit like that)

The party was awesome tho!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Cash In Transit Heist

Today, while driving home from school, I witnessed a cash in transit heist!

It was pretty weird, seeing a bunch of guys with guns running around in the middle of the day trying to jack something that looks like its been on Pimp My Bakkie.

Well that's my excitement for the week...
Can't wait for the weekend!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Do you ever feel like you're leaving everything for the last minute?
You get home from a boring/tiring day at school/work and you just want 2 sink into that comfortable chair/bed of yours, or mindlessly sit infront of the TV watching someone getting a pool-table, jacuzzi, and 7.5 LCD monitors crammed into their ride.

BUT you've got an Afrikaans test tomorrow, 2 English essays for Friday, and 7 maths questions.
You really should get started studying and writing essays, but instead you end up doing nothing for the rest of the day.

This ever happen to you?
Of course it has, thats why you're reading this crap instead of doing your homework you bloody procrastinator!

And now I've successfully wasted another day when I could be doing homework, even tho my english teacher will probably eat me tomorrow for not doing my essay.

Anyone kno of a good place to get an essay on how "Life is a game, and Holden Caufield is an outsider to society because he doesn't play the game"?
;-) (If you don't know how to read smileys, tilt your head to the side, and slap yourself. You don't deserve to be using a computer!)

Monday, March 13, 2006

Chuck Norris

Today, I discovered the wonder of chuck norris jokes.
Here are some of my favourites: (I didn't create any of these)

  • Chuck Norris uses ribbed condoms inside out, so he gets the pleasure
  • When Chuck Norris has sex with a man, it is not because he is gay, but because he has run out of women
  • Chuck Norris lost his virginity before his dad did
  • Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits
  • Chuck Norris isn’t lactose intolerant. He just doesn’t put up with lactose’s shit
  • Chuck Norris actually died ten years ago, but death is too afraid to tell him
  • Chuck Norris doesn't get wet, water gets chuck
  • Chuck Norris tells Simon what to say
  • Chuck Norris discovered a new theory of relativity involving multiple universes in which Chuck Norris is even more badass than in this one. When it was discovered by Albert Einstein and made public, Chuck Norris roundhouse-kicked him in the face. We know Albert Einstein today as "Stephen Hawking"
You either love them or hate them. I love them

Friday, March 10, 2006

Internet Explorer vs Firefox

I just thought I'd comment on Internet Explorer and Firefox.
There are plenty of uninformed people that believe that Internet Explorer is the best web browser. As justification for this inane statement, they claim that it is the best because it is the most popular.

That ain't right.

There are other, better informed people that believe that Firefox has unbelievable security and is the best webbrowser.
That's not hundreds either.

While you are much less likely to get viruses or spyware while using Firefox, this is not entirely because of the fact that Firefox's security is outstanding, but rather that Firefox is still a very new webbrowser compared to IE, and it has very few people using it. Spyware programmers would rather make their spyware apps work on IE, which abt 87% of surfers use, compared to just 8% owned by Firefox.

I expect that in years to come, there will be more viruses that can infect you thru Firefox, but they will be patched much faster than in IE.

I think that Firefox is far better than IE, simply because it is Open Source Software which means that bugs are found quickly and updates are available very often.

So if you don't have Firefox, download it from Mozilla now at

Team Members

Today I became team members with D from Dclaim so have a look at his blog.

If anyone else wants to become a team member, just let me know.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My Blog

Guess what? I'm sure none of you will believe it, but today I started my own blog! [shock]

hmm... I guess you knew that since you're already here.

ahh well, go back to your miserable lives!

Control Your Dreams

Lucid Dreaming: Introduction

I just found this wicked 'tutorial' on how to remember your dreams and actually control what you do in them without waking up.
It sounds brilliant. Imagine being able to fly wherever you want, or finally get paris hilton, tara reid and brittney spears that hot chick from school/varsity/work in one room.

One of my cousins can already do this stuff and from what he's told me it sounds awesome!

I haven't read the whole thing yet, but I'm about to.

Burnt Croissant

Today, I put a croissant in the oven for breakfast.
Then I switched on my pc and visited some of my favourite sites to c if they'd been updated.
A few bytes later, my dad comes to me and tells me that my croissant is being burnt in the oven!

This made me think about how long I spend doing nothing at all on the internet.
What has my life come to, that I sit in a chair for hours, looking at a screen filled with useless information, while life passes by leaving me behind.
And when you're left behind in life, your croissant gets burnt.

Yes, you're right, this was just a completely uselesss bit of information that wasted a few seconds of your day.
See what I mean?