Friday, March 10, 2006

Internet Explorer vs Firefox

I just thought I'd comment on Internet Explorer and Firefox.
There are plenty of uninformed people that believe that Internet Explorer is the best web browser. As justification for this inane statement, they claim that it is the best because it is the most popular.

That ain't right.

There are other, better informed people that believe that Firefox has unbelievable security and is the best webbrowser.
That's not hundreds either.

While you are much less likely to get viruses or spyware while using Firefox, this is not entirely because of the fact that Firefox's security is outstanding, but rather that Firefox is still a very new webbrowser compared to IE, and it has very few people using it. Spyware programmers would rather make their spyware apps work on IE, which abt 87% of surfers use, compared to just 8% owned by Firefox.

I expect that in years to come, there will be more viruses that can infect you thru Firefox, but they will be patched much faster than in IE.

I think that Firefox is far better than IE, simply because it is Open Source Software which means that bugs are found quickly and updates are available very often.

So if you don't have Firefox, download it from Mozilla now at


Anonymous said...

Ever tried Maxthon...? It's by far my favourite browser. It's extremely flexible and customizable. It has the best Ad blocker I've seen and the tabbing works very intuitively. Everything works with mouse gestures.

raZer said...

I've never tried Maxthon.
It sounds pretty good, I might download it this w/end.

In firefox I use the Adblock Extension which works brilliantly since you can give it URLs to block.
You can download it from

Thanks for the comment

kilps said...

The problem with mathon is it is based in the IE engine so it still doesn't display webpages properly and *could*, although I do not know still face the same holes as IE.

Oh and if some people (such as some I have met) think that FF cannot display webpages properly mention that it is the other way around ...