Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I've just been released from one of the worst lectures I've had to endure in the 16 years that I've been causing shit.

It all started when the neighbours called the cops- no, wait. it was before then...

My parents decided to go away for their anniversary for the long weekend. I decided that since we were in the festive mood, I'd throw a house party. I thought my parents would have enough to plan with their own holiday, so I thought I wouldn't bother them with my brilliant plan.

Sunday came along, my parents weren't at home and my friends dropped by. (2:30pm)
We kicked off the party with some Metallica music (since the concert was the night before) (2:32pm)
We had fun drinking jesus juice (3:12pm)
More friends came by bike (3:21pm)
I tried speeding down an insane hill at the bottom of my garden on a friend's bike, then pressed the front brake (I thgouht it was the back brake) (3:35pm)
Ripped my shoulder, grazed skin off my left arm and landed on my left buttock (3:35pm)
Lots other people came, drank, hooked-up and chilled (until 11:12pm)
Nextdoor neighbours called the cops (PoPo/5-0/Pigs/) and they called my parents (I dunno what time, I was pretty smashed)
I cleaned up all the drinks and stuff (1am)

Oh shit...this was meant to be about that lecture my parents gave me. Well it was pretty bad, but I'm sure you've all had lectures and they're all about the same. ("You must be open with us..." / "Take responsibility for your actions..." / Other shit like that)

The party was awesome tho!


Anonymous said...

hay lets jus say i remember that party, it was brilliant.... i definately remember the hook up bit, the dancing and was pretty darn brilliant he he eheehehe

Anonymous said...

They never understand oh well drink get drunk have a blast