Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My room-mate snores like a teenage hulk hogan.
I suspect that my parents knew about this before sending me to res, because I found a pair of earplugs in one of my bags.
Last night I was forced to try them out.
Good news: I slept right through the snoring.
Bad news: I slept right through my alarm clock.
What's the dealio with chickens?
I'm pretty sure they're the animal with the most number of jokes about them (who really inquires about why a dog or cow crosses a road?).
Not only that, but they've also become the yardstick against which the flavour of all other animals is judged. How did that happen? If the taste of chicken is so common, how is it that the flavour wasn't named after any other animal that tastes the same?
Also, how come in "Cow and Chicken" you can see the chicken's whole body, but only the boobs of the cow?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

When you're living on your own you end up smelling everything.
Here's my procedure for breakfast:
  1. Get cereal from on top of the fridge
  2. Get milk from inside the fridge
  3. Smell milk (just in case)
  4. Get bowl from bookshelf
  5. Smell bowl
  6. Get spoon from sink
  7. Smell spoon
  8. Get another spoon because this one smells funny
  9. Smell new spoon
  10. Mix cereal and milk and eat.