Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Burnt Croissant

Today, I put a croissant in the oven for breakfast.
Then I switched on my pc and visited some of my favourite sites to c if they'd been updated.
A few bytes later, my dad comes to me and tells me that my croissant is being burnt in the oven!

This made me think about how long I spend doing nothing at all on the internet.
What has my life come to, that I sit in a chair for hours, looking at a screen filled with useless information, while life passes by leaving me behind.
And when you're left behind in life, your croissant gets burnt.

Yes, you're right, this was just a completely uselesss bit of information that wasted a few seconds of your day.
See what I mean?

1 comment:

D said...

Ha nice blog dude, nice post.
An insightful message relayed with a touch of hilarity.
But did you really have to sacrifice a perfectly delicious croissant in getting your point across?