Thursday, November 02, 2006

Do the right thing. Mock retarded people.

I was chatting to one of my friends on MSN the other day and I somehow managed to come up with the aforementioned statement.
If you're really interested, here's how it happened: (if you're not interested, why the hell are you still reading this instead of closing the window?!)

(07:46 PM) :: raZer :: : *awkward silence*
(07:46 PM) -FROSTBITE-: y does silence have 2 b akward?
(07:46 PM) -FROSTBITE-: y cant it just be silent?
(07:46 PM) -FROSTBITE-: with no akwardness?
(07:47 PM) :: raZer :: : it can b
(07:47 PM) -FROSTBITE-: it can
(07:47 PM) -FROSTBITE-: but y does it HAVE to be
(07:47 PM) :: raZer :: : it doesnt, its only awkward if you are not emotionally comfortable with the people that you are communicating with and feel pressured to maintain a conversation
(07:48 PM) :: raZer :: : thats my theory
(07:48 PM) -FROSTBITE-: haha, makes sense
(07:48 PM) -FROSTBITE-: in easy, if ur friends, its not akward
(07:48 PM) -FROSTBITE-: so wat r u suggesting about our relation ship?, i thought we wr good buddies
(07:49 PM) -FROSTBITE-: i guess not, u have broken my heart mr. ****** [surname removed for privacy]
(07:49 PM) :: raZer :: : you're wrong,
(07:49 PM) :: raZer :: : 'mr' has a capital M
(07:49 PM) -FROSTBITE-: haha
(07:49 PM) -FROSTBITE-: changing subjects r we?
(07:49 PM) -FROSTBITE-: creating conversation?
(07:49 PM) -FROSTBITE-: *silence* (but not akward)
(07:49 PM) :: raZer :: : nice weather we're having
(07:49 PM) -FROSTBITE-: hahahaha
(07:49 PM) -FROSTBITE-: lol
(07:50 PM) :: raZer :: : lol, i reckon you also get awkward silences after making a retarded comment, without the other people mocking you
(07:51 PM) :: raZer :: : coz if they laugh at u its not so awkward, but if they're jus silent then u feel like a real douchebag
(07:51 PM) -FROSTBITE-: hahaha
(07:51 PM) -FROSTBITE-: yeah i know
(07:51 PM) -FROSTBITE-: its worse when they silent
(07:51 PM) -FROSTBITE-: not 4 me though, i neva make lame comments
(07:51 PM) :: raZer :: : so you should mock retarded people. its the right thing to do
(07:51 PM) -FROSTBITE-: hahahaha
(07:51 PM) -FROSTBITE-: where did that come from?
(07:52 PM) :: raZer :: : well if u dont mock them then you'll get an akward silence
(07:52 PM) :: raZer :: : and they'll feel like a douche
(07:53 PM) -FROSTBITE-: haha
(07:53 PM) -FROSTBITE-: i dont think they realise
(07:53 PM) -FROSTBITE-: but that was fokkin funny man
(07:53 PM) -FROSTBITE-: props

I don't know of anyone thats got another reason why silences are sometimes awkward, but that's my theory.

Now go tease some retarded people!

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