Thursday, August 10, 2006

Anonymous wanted to know what happened on monday with the principal.
I decided that the only way I could avoid getting more "community service" to do (since I hardly did any) was to tell the truth about my lack of effort.

Raise your right hand if you believed that crap. Now slap yourself.

I forged a letter to the sandton police superintendant (dated 2nd June) which stated that I wanted to help them and that they should contact me asap, printed screenshots for a website of an AIDS clinic that I designed a while back, and added a letter that had a bunch of tasks on it that I needed to do (I needed to make a manual on how to design a website from scratch).

I collected all of my documents, paper cliped them for professionalism, and set off to school.

I've been sent to Mike Russell's (the principal) office so many times, we're practically on a first-name basis.
After taking my usual seat, I began my patter.

I told Mike how I tried for months to help the police, and yet they wouldn't return my phone calls, didn't tell me who to speak to, and didn't seem like they needed any help at all.
Mike bought it, and told me that I just needed to finish doing the manual (thats a bitch) and after a few subtle hints by me, suggested that I help the new head of IT with the school network (which means that I get inside access to some stuff I've been wanting to mess around with)

All in all, it was a pretty good meeting!

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