Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hello everyone. D from Dclaim has been pushing me to update the blog, so here's the update.

This is what happened today at school:

9:15: Told by my headmaster's secretary that he's been waiting for me to see him for the past 3 months wrt the website I made about the school. I told her that I had no idea he wanted to see me (which is true) and that I'd be glad to see him (not as true as the first thing). Long story short, I've now got an appointment with the headmaster on monday morning, even thoough school closes this friday.

9:20 - 13:00: Did a boring first-aid course with an annoying prick that couldn't make it into become a doctor (or even a nurse!).

13:01: Prick told us that we had to clean up the class before we could go home, and blocked the main door to get out of the room. I plotted a plan to exit through the back door with two of my friends. We headed off towards the door.

13:02: Unfortunately, the back door is almost directly opposite the front door, so Prick saw our ingenious escape, before uttering "Hey you guys! Come back!". We bolted down a staircase and then across the school, taking a rest after reaching a safe distance.

13:03: Our safe distance wasn't so safe, and Prick pounced on us. After informing us that we were "F$cking @ssholes", and that "there are always a few...", he booked us and was jolly enough to divulge his plan, which was to give our names to the headmaster.
I thought about offering to chat with the headmaster about it (since I'd be seeing him anyways), but managed to keep quiet.

I wonder what's going to happen on monday...

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