Monday, September 01, 2008

My maid Joyce is really nice and a hard worker. but as of 5 minutes ago I'm pretty sure she's crazy.
I just told my friend about it so I'll copy and paste our conversation.

Shiraz: waoh im so freaked out right now
i just walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water, and i see my maid thru the window, mopping our driveway
Yiyi: how does she mop the drive way?
with a regular mop! ur not meant to mop a driveway!!
im scared she might have gone insane
did u ask her wat she's doing?
Shiraz: yiyi, u dont ask crazy ppl questions! u hit them over the head and run away as fast as u can!
Yiyi: hahahahahaha
when i walked to the kitchen i just glanced outside and then when i was pouring my water i was like... hang on... was she MOPPING the DRIVEWAY??!
so then i walked back and i just stared at her
but i was hiding behind a tree so she wouldnt see me
i hope

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