Thursday, September 04, 2008

Yesterday my business studies teacher pissed me off.
We were meant to be studying for the test we would be writing the next day but most of the class was just chatting (thats pretty much all we do in bs). Eventually our teacher - we will call him Mr. Strydom (because that's his name) - got angry enough to start shouting (loud enough to be heard over the noise we were making) about how much work he puts into the subject and how we don't give anything back and how disrespectful we are. Obviously as soon as he started lecturing us I stopped paying attention to him (because thats pretty much all he does in bs). He carried on shouting at us and somewhere along the line I smiled at something (completely unrelated to him, since I'd lost interest in him). This is what happened next:
Douchebag: "You! Get out my class right now!"
It took me a couple of seconds but eventually I realized he was staring at me for some reason.
Me: "Me?"
Douchebag: "Yes you! And you can wipe that smile off your face!"
Me: "Are you seriously trying to kick me out of class for smiling?"
Douchebag: "You have no respect blah blah blah im gay blah blah blah..."
At this point I decided to be the bigger man (which is really difficult if you consider how big he actually is) so I just said "ok" and shook my head. Apparently he doesn't like anyone challenging his "biggest man" title, so he replied with "Oh yea thats right! Just go shaking your head at me... That's fine!". I couldn't resist anymore, so I just said "You sure its ok? You not going to try kick me out for it?". He didn't like that very much.

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